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[322] - Skull and Bones Sisi kucheza kwa furaha!

О клане

no CW! Focused on unicums making good platoons!

This Clan does not compete in CW or ESL - nor is it any aim to us currently. There are no obligations in this Clan, except you know how stuff works and kick some a**. Just team-up and have a good time with us!

322 Basic recruitment requirements:

+ 60% winratio + 2.800 wn8 + 2.800 dmg on X, 2500 dmg on IX, 2300 dmg on VIII Meta Tanks + 10.000 games

Recruitment thread

average wn8


In memory to our friends and clanmates Morphelo and Igo_ : RIP

Средние показатели клана

Средний Процент побед Средний WN7 Средний WN8 Средний РЭ Средний Броне-сайт 8 Уровень 10 Уровень
60.67% 1898 2976 1698 9778 841 906(61.06%) 998 024(61.34%)