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О клане

DTS picked up a new team at the start of 2009, including players such as NS, Artstyle, Dendi, Dread and LighTofHeaveN. DTS did well in the European scene, but was outclassed in the finals of ESWC 2010 by Chinese powerhouse EHOME. However, DTS achieved their revenge at WDC 2010 without Dread.

DTS suffered at the end of the year, when Artstyle and Dendi decided to leave for Natus Vincere and eventually dropped their sponsorship at the start of 2011.

In mid 2011, DTS sponsored former Hard Team members and Artstyle, but most of the team left for Electronic Sahara soon after.

DTS picked up The Retry at the start of 2012. PGG left DTS for Moscow Five in March 2012. The team disbanded after various roster changes in May 2012.

Средние показатели клана

Средний Процент побед Средний WN7 Средний WN8 Средний РЭ Средний Броне-сайт 8 Уровень 10 Уровень
54.83% 1461 2095 1367 6257 562 694(55.21%) 436 820(54.8%)